LWD 3104
Interior lighting lamp

The LWD 3104 interior lighting lamp offers a perfect solution for different kinds of vehicles, such as passenger cars, truck tractors, cabins of delivery vehicles, tow trucks, agricultural and construction machines, campers and buses.

There are three variations of the interior lighting lamps designed to meet the different needs of drivers. The basic model is the LWD 3104 lamp. The version LWD 3105 with the motion sensor allows the lamp to be turned on and off automatically depending on the detected movement. This way, the user does not have to worry about manually controlling the lamp and at the same time saves energy. The version LWD 3106 with the switch grants complete command over the vehicle’s interior lighting by allowing them to manually control the lamp’s operation.

The color temperature of the LWD 3104 is 4000 K, which provides pleasant, white light optimal for the vehicle interior. The LWD 3104 has a luminous flux of 270 lumens. The lamp is equipped with 12 diodes that ensure even illumination. Additionally, these lamps are compatible with both 12-volt and 24-volt power supplies, making them suitable for installation in various types of vehicles. The compact size and flat-mounting capability make it possible to install the lamp in different areas inside the vehicle.

The lamp is fully hermetic (ingress protection rating IP 68) resistant to high and low temperatures and mechanical damage. The operation of the lamp is also guaranteed in a way that does not emit electromagnetic interference and is electromagnetic interference-resistant, which is confirmed by the EMC certificate.

The LWD 3104, LWD 3105, and LWD 3106 lamps for illuminating the interior of vehicles not only offer excellent lighting but also enhance the functionality and improve the comfort and safety while traveling. These lamps serve as valuable additions to the vehicle’s interior.


Technical data

Light group
HOR 146
LED quantity
Light category
Supply voltage
12/24 V
Light colour
Power rating
3 W
Operating temperature range
from -30°C to +50°C
2×0,75 mm2; cable length 0,5 m
Colour temperature
4000 K
Luminous flux
270 lm
LED light
Ingress protection rating
IP 68


Interior lighting lamp LWD 3104 (technical drawing) (interior-lighting-lamp-lwd-3104-technical-drawing.ZIP)
Page content (lwd-3104.ZIP)

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